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Create your own unique piece with the help of your hands, and grace any room whether at home or in the office, a friends living area. Made by yours truly to capture her essence, quality & that plush vibe you love. Perfect add-to or gift-it-significant piece!

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Find your place of calm in a fast-moving world.

For these First Nations farmers, as for anyone in our increasingly frantic modern world, moments of peace like this are a balm. Our special DIY offerings are a calm sanctuary of creation and technique. Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy the process of creation, and bask in the glory as you craft your very own artistic masterpiece. Come a take an enriching retreat with us!

Creating Mini Worlds: A Beginner's Guide to Making Your World

Creating your own pocket universe takes patience, style and dedication to detail. We have all the right materials and tools to give you a good head start in your artistic journey. Make Your Surroundings Inspiring: Set up your crafting space which would be comfortable enough to work continuously on it and make you fully immersed into the craft process errand. Again, remember that such complex models need full attention and dedication to every corner of the house too.

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At DIYBookNookKit. "Originally spotted on Reddit and later covered by Bored Panda, Book Noo... “Now book lovers in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK can virtually turn any space into a little bookstore"

With kits that span the gamut of choices, you can make a quaint Aussie-themed nook or a wintry Canadian landscapeᅳor even an iconic British landmark-filled scene. No matter where you are in the world, you can start your next miniature project today with our international shipping and transform your book shelf to a place that belittles treasures.